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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Alimodian Barangay - Bugang


Feast Day: December 27
Patron Saint: Little Child Jesus

               According to the stories of the elderly, there was a tribe or group of residents a long time ago that live a good life in a place where the land is fertile and there is plenty of water. They were happy in this place because of good harvests and they have a peaceful living. However a long drought came and the plants withered and animals died. The leaders and officials assemble and decided to look for a good place to transfer. 
                The men went until they reach the wilderness at the base of a high and steep mountain. They rested so they can spent the night in the forest. They look for water to prepare their food. One of their member reach a far part of the wild towards the mountain.  He was puzzled when he heard a rippling  sound of a flowing water. He called his group and they were all amused about the spring that they found. The grass surrounding the spring was known to them as "Bugang." They transfer  and establish their tribe near the spring and they call their place "Bugang." Until now there are plenty of grass of this kind surrounding the barangay. 
               The first fiesta of the barangay was held on December 27, 1983 under the leadership of Barangay Captain Aurelia Cantomayor in honor of their patron saint, Little Child Jesus. On April 15, 2006 the barangay celebrated the feast of St. Vincent Ferrer with Father Renante Salabe officiating the mass.However on the succeeding years until now the residents returned to their original feast day of December 27 in honor of their patron saint, Little Child Jesus.      

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