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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Alimodian Barangay - Cabacanan Proper

Cabacanan Proper 

Feast Day: Second Saturday of April
Patron Saint: St. Vincent Ferrer

               Barrio Cabacanan was established in the 1960s by the people of Alimodian and Leon who are looking for a farmlands. Long time ago, Barangay Dao, Umingan, Manasa, Lico, Cabacanan Rizal and Tabugukon were formerly part of Barangay Cabacanan Proper. They are called "seven cities"  as they are popularly called today. 
               The name Cabacanan came from the work Kabakahan or place with many cattles. There is a story of the elder people of this place that once during the Spanish occupation, there was a Spanish soldier who was asking the people who one by one were riding their cows the name of the place. Due to the difficulty of understanding and knowing the Spanish language, a man told him that there are lots of "kabakahan" (cattles) in this place. Since then, the barrio was called Cabacanan, with the spelling using the letter "C" since the Spanish language don't use the letter "K."
                Barangay Captain Norberto Calambro initiated the beautification of the barangay hall.   

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