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Monday, October 29, 2012

Alimodian Barangay - Binalud


Feast Day: 3rd Saturday of January
Patron Saint: Little Child Jesus 

               It was believed that the name of the place comes from the root word "balud" or flood in English. Due to its close proximity to the Aganan River if the place was under flood, the place is floating in the flood (balud) that is why the barangay is called Binalud. 
               According to a native of the barangay, their patron saint was mysteriously chosen. There was a woman who was deeply sad for there was no saint and no fiesta is being celebrated  in their barangay. One day while she was harvesting their corn crop yield she heard a voice saying: "The barangay patron saint will be the Little Child Jesus."
               The woman was so amused and in prayers she said: "Yes my Lord, be with me as I persevere."
               The woman went to the newly appointed captain and then agreed that by the next year, 1985, the barangay will hold and celebrate a fiesta in honor of their patron saint, Little Child Jesus.  
               The barangay is just two kilometers from the town proper. Since the barangay is a way towards the town proper from the city, the barangay is a huge place for settlement and farm. 
               The barangay celebrated their first fiesta in 1985 with parish priest, Father Ismael Castaño officiating the first mass in the barangay. The captain during that year was Rodolfo Almendros.  

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