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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Alimodian Barangay - Bulod


Feast Day: 2nd Saturday of February
Patron Saint: Our Lady of Miraculous Medal

               Barangay Bulod was formerly a sitio of Barangay Ban-ag but due to the rapid population growth, it became an independent barangay in 1968. The first barangay captain was Jesus Ami. The name Bulod came from a kind of tree, Bubog above a hilly part of the barangay which is visible from afar. Due to the wrong pronunciation of some, the name became Bulod. 
                Our Lady of Miraculous Medal was chosen as the patron saint and her feast is celebrated every second Saturday of February. The first fiesta was celebrated in 1973 during the incumbency of Barangay Captain Jesus Ami.The first priest to held mass in the barangay was Father Ismael Castaño. The first fiesta queen of the barangay was Jocelyn Berondo in 1989. 
                The means of livelihood of the people here is farming where they produce rice grains, maize, coconut, bananas and vegetables. In 135 households, 122 of them are Roman Catholics and 13 are of other religious affiliation. 
                 Long time ago, the barangay is well remembered due to a huge tree that stands above the hill which was called "payong payong" most especially by the people of the town proper. Now when you climb and reach the peak of that hill, you can see the whole town proper and the Aganan River below.    

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