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Friday, October 26, 2012

Alimodian Barangay - Atabay


Feast Day: April 5
Patron Saint: St. Vincent Ferrer

          During the 1900s, the family of a certain Bandelario and his two children, Solomon and Servando Andutan  who came from town proper created their own farm in this place through slash and burn agriculture because they don't have their own carabao or cattle of their own in those days. Some years later, there is an increase in number of settlement in the area so they elected their first Teniente del Barrio who happened to be Tomas Borja Andutan in 1912. Under his leadership, the barrio site was transferred in the middle of Alimodian and the town of Maasin in 1930. According to the old natives of the barangay, the barangay was formerly called "Baradlon"  and once only a sitio or a community of Barangay Cagay.
          The present name of the place came from the word "Tabay-tabay," a giant wood which is a meter in length and has a hole in the middle which the water flows. The water came from the overflowing spring which continues to flow. Until now, this is still the source of water of the residents from this barangay. 
          The barangay fiesta is being celebrated every April 5 in honor of St. Vincent Ferrer. The first fiesta took place during the incumbency of Captain Leocadio Andutan which Monsignor Carlos Crucero held the first mass in the barangay. The first fiesta queen of the barangay was Corazon Andutan. The barangay chapel was built in 1958.

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