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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Alimodian Barangay - Bagsakan


Feast Day: 2nd Saturday of January
Patron Saint: Little Child Jesus (main)
                      Our Lady of Salvation (lower Bagsakan)

          In 1940, Bagsakan is only a community or part of Barangay Tarug. Maximo Amelio and Alejandro Andea were the leaders of the sitio. It is in this place that pamaitan or place where the rituals of a witch doctor is prominently held or is widely practiced. During the war, the Japanese prohibited the people to go to this place and anyone caught violating it, they shoot them right away or capture them and punish them by pulling their teeth. 
          During the Japanese period, the place became the arsenal of the Japanese artillery and weapons. This is the drop off point of Japanese weapons. Thus, the name of the barangay Bagsakan "drop off point" came from.
          After the war, the rebel group Huk  occupied the place.  Trinidad Amelio bravely fought the Huks. The Huk entered and ransacked their house, lit a match and forcibly put it in her mouth however Trinidad shove aside the fire but still it set ablaze their house burning it down together with all their belongings.
           In 1970, another woman lead the sitio and successfully separates the sitio from Barangay Tarug and became an independent barangay. Teresita "Tayoy" Amelio became the first  Teniente del Barrio and her family also produced the first barangay college graduate from Bagsakan. 
            In 1978, Bagsakan barangay captain Teodoro Andeo was killed by the communist rebel group NPA (New People's Army). Rogelio Ternal was elected barangay captain in 1980 and facilitated the barangay's first fiesta under the warm and unwavering support of their patron saints, Little Child Jesus and the sitio or community of Bagsakan Ubos patron saint, Our Lady of Salvation.


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