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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Alimodian Barangay - Bancal


Feast Day: August 16
Patron Saint: St. Roch 

               The name of the place was the result of the misunderstanding and miscommunication between the Spaniards and the young men in those early days. Years before the 1900s, the Spaniards ask for the name of the place pointing on a tree. The tree was called "Bangkal," and since then the name of the place was called "Bancal" in Spanish term or language. 
                St. Roch is their patron saint held every August 16. Before, Barangay Bancal and Barangay Buhay fiesta are simultaneously held in the chapel of Bancal but starting  in 1983 the two barangays hold a separate fiesta mass in their respective chapel but still on the same date. 
                ALEOSAN District Hospital which was constructed and established on a higher elevated area of the barangay has its own big chapel which was constructed in 2000 and was blessed by Monsignor Angel Lagdameo, Archbishop of Jaro.  The patron saint of the ALEOSAN hospital area is St. John of God and its fiesta is held every March 8. Regular mass is held at the chapel every Sunday by the parish priests of the town of Alimodian, Leon and San Miguel which are all under the Diocese of Timothy and Titus under the Archdiocese of Jaro. 

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