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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Alimodian Barangay - Baguingin - Lanot


Feast Day: February 3
Patron Saint: Saint Blaise 

               This place is a woodland with lots of huge timber. The name of the place, according to the elderly residents of the barangay was coined from two words. Baguingin, came from the word "nagalingin" or head ache. There is a creek in this place that came from nowhere or no pathway and it gives the people a head ache thinking of this. Lanot, came from the word "hanot hanot" that refers to struggles or perseverance. Due to the high elevation of the way going to this place, people have a hard time or struggling to reach this place or to cross the creek especially when they are carrying lots of objects.
                During the 1920s, the bridge of the barangay going to the town of Leon was constructed and the state of living of the people has improved. They were taught on how to plant sugarcane and a sugar mill was created in the barangay (the brown unrefined sugar with molasses flavor is called Muscovado Central). There is no road yet connecting the barangay to the town proper of Alimodian so the people under the leadership of Rafael Sta. Cruz built a chapel honoring their patron saint, Saint Blaise. The barangay fiesta is held every February 3. 
                 During the war, the residents evacuated from the barangay due to the cruelty of the Japanese. In February 1943, the Philippine soldiers attacked the Japanese and many were killed. In revenge, the Japanese killed several civilians in some barangays and some were brought to the city to be punished and imprisoned. Barangay Baguingin-Lanot became the dump site of dead civilians who were killed and massacred by the Japanese. 
                 The barangay connects the town  of Alimodian to the town of Leon (through Barangay Agboy) by a provincial road.

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