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Friday, November 2, 2012

Alimodian Barangay - Cagay


Feast Day: 2nd Saturday of January
Patron Saint: Little Child Jesus

               According to the elderly people, this barangay could have been established as the town proper of Alimodian as this was the first barangay recognized by the Spanish government. This place is also known as Sibukawan as there were many sibukaw trees in the area. During the early Spanish occupation the place has several sitios namely: Balogo, Taytay, Danao, Agusukan Sulong and Bogtong. The name of the place came from the fiber named Cagay used to bundle bamboos which are used in making rafts that were ridden by people in crossing Aganan River. These cagay fibers are so bountiful surrounding this barangay. The fiber became a part of the residents here not only used as a rope for bundling but also used as a herbal alternative medicine use to cure stomach ache by boiling and drinking. 
               This place was also formerly called Caguinyan after the name of the place that has plenty of  bamboo and large wood and fruits from the river uphill. Until now the place still exist. It was believed that the leader of Cagay during the Spanish occupation was Ciriaco Alomia when the people still stage comedia plays. In 1910, the first Teniente del Barrio was Andres Alquidano. He ordered to clear the fields of these fibers and large trees to plant rice, maize and bananas which were the main mean source of income among the residents and under his term the barrio celebrated their first fiesta. He was succeeded by Monico Alquidano who propagated more bananas in the barrio. 
                In 1929 the barangay chose Nenita Alomia as their first Barangay Queen. Father Mariano Perez officiated the first mass in Cagay in 1934.  

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