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Friday, November 2, 2012

Alimodian Barangay - Coline


Feast Day: January 19
Patron Saint: St. Joseph

               Coline and Coline Dalag are situated in a small hill beside a wide plain in the middle of Alimodian and San Miguel. Rice grains is the main crop of the people. 
               According to the story, during the American occupation in the Philippines there is a group of American soldiers who are patrolling in this area and they went thirsty. They went to a house to ask some water to drink. They only gave sign languages as a communication because they don't understand each others language. After drinking, the couple who only has one child a girl invited the soldiers for a lunch. Their lunch consist of rice and fish that was a produce from the mud in the rice field they called "dalag" (mud fish). The soldiers really like the fish and they ask for some of it to be brought to their barracks. The father immediately went down few meters away from their home to catch some mudfish. One soldier followed him to see where to find the mudfish and how to catch it. The soldier kept asking the man while he is catching the fish but did not replied him back because he could not understand and speak English. When the man already caught a lot of fish, he called for his daughter "dara ti galon dya Nene kay sudlan ta kang dalag." (Nene bring me a gallon or pitcher so we can put the fish in there)
            The only words that the soldier can remember are "Galon, Nene, Dalag." So that when the soldier keep on returning in the place  to patrol and to look for that delicious fish, they kept on saying to the people the words "Galon, Nene , Dalag" until the residents were used to just call their place "Galon, Nene, Dalag." Later due to the length of the word, they shorten it to become Coline-Dalag. This is the only words of origin of the place that later became a barangay.
             When there is a gradual increase in settlement in the place, there is a group of families who established and created their separate barrio called Coline. Their close relationship to their neighbors of the old barrio never ceases until now. In their own belief, they are twin barrios. So when a school is about to be constructed for these two barangays, it was agreed by the people to build it in between the two barangays.   

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