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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Alimodian Barangay - Mambawi


Feast Day: February 22
Patron Saint: St. Ildephonsus of Toledo

               In 1900s  there is a place called Purok Bulho with twenty two (22) residents. The purok has a surrounding fence to protect the residents from the bandits. Bulho has four sitios namely Naripay, Igpihak, Bacolod and Ale-ale with nineteen (19) households. Agustin Amor was chosen as the leader of Bulho in 1914. During his term, the first chapel was constructed and the first fiesta was celebrated in honor of St. Ildephonsus. Father Mariano Perez, the parish priest of Alimodian, is the first priest to held mass in the barrio. The image of St. Ildephonsus was made by Alberto "Bitok" Porques - the first sculptor in Bulho. 
              The name Mambawi came from a story during the Spanish times. One day, the Spaniards visited the place and saw an unhappy man because his carabao or water buffalo was lost. When the Spaniards return, they saw that man again and this time was happy and told them that he redeemed (nabawi) his carabao. Since the Spaniards doesn't understand the language, they thought the man told them that Mambawi is the name of the place. Since then, they call the place Mambawi. 
             There is a popular sculptor in town, Anastacio Alon - grandchild of Bitok Porques. He sculpted most of the images in the chapel of Mambawi. He also sculpted many of the images of other barangay and the small image of St. Thomas Villanova which is used to anoint the head of the devotees during the town's fiesta mass.  

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