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Monday, November 5, 2012

Alimodian Barangay - Laylayan


Feast Day: April 5
Patron Saint: St. Vincent Ferrer

               The elderly folks of the barrio tells of a story that the name of the place came from "nagalaylay nga bala" (rounds of ammunition). During the time of the Spanish conquistadores, there was a group of brave Visayans, who won't surrender or give up to the Spaniards who put up their own house and settlements in this mountainous area. When the Spaniards learned about them, they attacked the place and fired with rounds of ammunition on these people which emit deafening shots. Rounds of ammunition or (nagalaylay nga bala) were heard when asked how did their men died. When peace returned to their land, they named their place Laylan in honor of these unnamed and unknown dead people. 
                The barrio was founded in 1880 under the leadership of Alejo Arellano as Teniente del Barrio. In 1920 during the incumbency of Sabas Quidado, the place was established as an independent barrio. During the Japanese Occupation, Segundo Misamen was the Teniente del Barrio (1940 - 1949). The rest of the people abandoned the place. 
                The first fiesta was celebrated on April 1940 in honor of their patron saint, St. Vincent Ferrer whose image was donated by Eusebio Bustillos and was made by Basilio Alibugha. The first priest to hold a mass in the barrio was Father Ismael Castaño. The first fiesta queen was Nelida Amantel.   
                 The center of barangay site was transferred to the upper part of the barrio during the term of Teniente Benjamin Misamen (1950-1959). The primary school was constructed during the incumbency of Teniente Pedro Magno (1960 - 1965) and the first teacher was Solomon Algallar. The school was finished during the term of Barangay Captain Leodico Bustillos - the longest serving captain of the barangay (1966-1988).

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