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Monday, November 26, 2012

Alimodian Barangay - Pajo


Feast Day: August 16
                  Second Saturday of January (Sitio Balogo)
Patron Saint:  St. Roch
                      Holy Child Jesus (Sitio Balogo)

               Barrio Pajo was established in 1858 according to the Spanish documents. The name of the barrio came from a creek called "Pajo" which became the camp of the Philippine Army during World War II.
               During the term of Mamerto Quirante alias Etok, the residents planned to construct a chapel but before that so many people got sick. Teniente Etok held a meeting to choose a patron saint for the sick and they choose St. John the Baptist yet they haven't held a fiesta. 
                In 1940 when Teniente Etok passed away Teniente Aurelio Quirante alias Orel took the leadership. During that time, there are lots of pests and insect that infest the crops of the farmers, so Teniente Orel called for a meeting to discuss with the people who will be the patron saint they will pray for to get rid of the insect and pest infestations. They choose St. Roch so Teniente Orel bought an image of St. Roch for the barrio chapel. 
               The first fiesta of Barrio Pajo was held on August 19, 1942 with Msgr. Carlos Crucero, the parish priest of the town officiating the first mass in the barrio. Since August is a rainy month and the road to the barrio is muddy and difficult to reach, the priest requested that the feast be transferred in April. So in April of the following year, the feast was held and the first fiesta queen was Epefania Quirante. In later years, the people went back to the original feast day in August in the very date of St. Roch feast day. 
              The barangay prides itself of the Aganan River Plaza, primary school, and Pleywun Ravine in which the people believes that if one part of ravine will erode, someone will die. 
              Sitio Balogo became a part of Barangay Pajo since 2007 but before that it was a sitio of Barangay Cagay. The residents of the sitio started to celebrate a feast on January 10, 1995 in honor of the little child Jesus. Since then the feast is held every second Saturday of January.     

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