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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Alimodian Barangay - Cunsad


Feast Day: January 16
Patron Saint: St. Roch

               According to the story that were passed on by generations, in 1900s there was a couple who passed by this place and they went thirsty. The woman asked his husband to find water using a twig he broke from a branch of a tree to dig underground in search for water. Following her order, there was sudden burst of water from the underground that quenched the thirst of the couple. They were so happy that they told the people about it when they went home. Since then, they called the place Cunsad from the word "bungsad" or dig. 
                In the 1940s, the families who were living in the barangays were the Andiano, Andig, Maliha-an, Quider, Alido, Alpuerto, Algar, Canogoran and Angeles families.  Most of them are devout Catholics so they choose St. Roch as a patron Saint. They believed that St. Roch helped to cure their illnesses, sickness and also some of their problems. Since it was World War II, there was no formal officials elected and chosen by the people. 
                In 1965, for the first time the people chose their teniente del Barrio who was Presentacion Angeles. It was also in this year that the barangay held their first fiesta. In 1969, the barrio produced their first college graduate. In 1970,  the barrio produced its first teacher.     

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