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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Alimodian Barangay - Dalid


Feast Day: October 25
Patron Saint: Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary

               Long time ago according to a story, there was a young lad who was arrested by some delinquents, tortured and was tied to a large tree called Dalid. The young man struggle to get loose and escape but without luck until he fell asleep. Then he dream that in the large tree that he was tied there live some people and there is a celebration and dancing. He was invited by some maiden who are so beautiful it was his first time in his lifetime to see such a lovely pretty young ladies. When he woke up the next morning he is still tied up to the tree but he was very happy about the dream and he can never forget the dancing together with the women throughout the night. All of a sudden there's a heavy deluge that brought flood which carried the tree with the young man tied to it to the creek down through the river. The people saw in the banks of the river a suspended large tree with an unconscious man tied to it. The man only regained consciousness when he was brought up and fed by the people and cured of his injuries and bruises from severe torture. The young man could not believe he can survive the ordeal he suffered and also told the people about his dream. 
                The following day, there was a wedding in the place and there was a dance in the night. The people just amazed when there are lots of beautiful women who came and the young man is happy to see the beautiful women in his dreams again. The night is full of frolic fun, revelry and in festive mood until the midnight when the pretty ladies gradually disappear. One old man who is watching over his carabaos and cattles saw the pretty women passing by and when they reached the Dalid tree they all of a sudden disappear. Since then, the people believed that the Dalid tree which they found suspended in the bank of the river was an enchanted tree and that the ladies were fairies. When the time comes when the people discuss about the name of the place, they never think twice and choose Dalid as the name of their place because the tree brought happiness and inspiration most especially to the young men every time there is a feast or dancing in their place. 
                 Dalid was established in 1918 under the leadership of Teniente del Barrio Benigno Andutan. During his incumbency, Dalid Parochial School and the first chapel were built. On October 25, 1955 during the term of Captain Jose Tabiana, Sr. the first fiesta in the barangay was held in honor of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary with Monsignor Carlos Crucero officiating the mass.        

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