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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Alimodian Barangay - Ginomoy


Feast Day: 3rd Saturday of February
Patron Saint: Our Lady Of Salvation

               According to the stories of elderly folks when the barrios don't have names yet, there was a heavy deluge and flood that affects this place even the floors of the houses situated in the hilly part of the area was reached and animals and other people can be seen swimming in the flood. It is just a wonder that not one animal or human has been drowned. If seen from afar, the animals and the people float in the water that sway (gahumoy-humoy) to the current of the flood. Since then the place was called Ginomoy.
               The barangay was established in February 1920 under the leadership of Tareno Tagurigan, the first teniente del barrio. The chosen patron saint was Our Lady of Salvation whose feast is celebrated every 3rd Saturday of February. Fiesta long before was unforgettable because there are lots of competition like boxing, buffalo, two bulls fighting, horse taming and cowboy competition, and disco at night with the music of a live band or orchestra. The first priest to hold mass in the barangay was Father Mariano Perez and their fiesta queen was Ofelia Algoraba.  

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