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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Alimodian Barangay - Pianda-an Norte

Pianda-an Norte

Feast Day: Second Week of February
Patron Saint: Our Lady of Salvation

               In 1900s there were only a few residents in this place led by Teniente del Barrio Crisanto Alibango Anarajado. The name of the barrio according to the elderly folks was taken during the Spanish period where there is a man going to the Buriraw and Kahimayaan creek and was asked by the Spaniards the name of the place. Due to the language barrier and miscommunication, the man answered "Pi, ang daan ko"." Since then the people started to call their place Pi-ang daan which later became Pianda-an. 
              Until World War II, Teniente Crisanto Anarajado is the leader of Pianda-an and aside from them, the pioneering families living in the place were Piojo, Misare, Anitohin and Albancia. In 1952 Teniente Anarajado died and was succeeded by her daughter, Cristita Anarajado Albancia. Due to the vast expanse of the land and the long distance of houses, the barrio was divided into two: Pianda-an Norte (North) and Pianda-an Sur (South) before the 1960s. Juan Aldabar succeeded Cristita Albancia from 1960-1963 and in 1964 Cristita Albancia returned as a captain and served in that position until 1980. 
            In 1981 Jesus Cabalfin became the barangay captain of Pianda-an Norte and the people plan to have a fiesta. The residents choose Our Lady of Salvation as their patron saint and the people donated to buy an image of their patron saint. The first fiesta in the barrio was celebrated on February 11, 1981 and celebrate it every second week of February.   

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