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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Alimodian Barangay - Malamhay


Feast Day: July 16
Patron Saint: Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage

               In 1940 this place was just a sitio of Barrio Gines of what they call "Maalam Hay" (Smart) since there are lots of brilliant and smart people in the area. There were seven families that were headed by a certain Osting, who was the happiest person who determined to make their place a separate independent barrio. 
               During the Japanese Occupation in 1942, the barrio celebrated their first fiesta in honor of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage during the incumbency of Teniente del Barrio Bruno Amantil until he became the Barangay Captain in 1948. Fermin Amoyot was the next barangay captain  from 1949 - 1960  during the time of the Huk rebel group and the people evacuated to the town proper. The people returned when peace returned in the barangay from 1960 - 1968 during the incumbency of Captain Ernesto Quia. During the term of Teofilo Amantil (1968 - 1972), the first barangay hall was built  as well as the disco hall, rice mill, and improvised water aqueduct.   

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