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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Alimodian Barangay - Gines


Feast Day: August 31
Patron Saint: Saint Raymond Nonnatus

               According to the Spanish documents, this place was called Aknib and covers four sitios: Malamhay, Tulong, Pinatayan and Bulaos. The barrio was established in 1832 under the leadership of Captain Agustin Anico. The town of Alimodian was governed then by Captain Agustin Montoy. The original residents of the place came from the families of Ciriaco Amban and Pascuala Gira. The name Gines came from reddish clay and a place called Hines by the residents. At that time there was already a priest assigned in that barrio. 
               The patron saint of Gines is Raymond Nonnatus. On May 10, 2007, the two image of St. Raymond was discovered by the people stolen in their chapel. Under the leadership of their captain, the images were found in a store in Mary Mart Mall, Iloilo City. Within seven days with the help of the police of the towns of Alimodian, Sta. Barbara and Iloilo City, the images were reclaimed. However, the much older image lost its two arms with one of its hand holding the "monstance" which was made out of gold. This replica of St. Raymond was said to be miraculous because the holder of the image was twice burned yet the image itself was unaffected.   

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