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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Barrio Puyas

Sitio Puyas has a distance of about one and a half kilometer away from Milan.

One day, a foreigner came to the place to sell the good he carries. The area is thriving with the plant called "Puyas" or Job's tears plant (Scientific Name: Coix lacryma-jobi) . Puyas or Job's Tears is a kind of plant whose seeds or fruit is used to make novelty necklace, dangling and other things used by children. On the road towards the place of the route of the foreigner, the children gather and play with the seeds of puyas. The foreigner went to the children and ask about the name of the place however during that time the children are scared of foreigners. They run away shouting "puyas, puyas." The foreigner thought the name of the place is Puyas so he called the place Puyas.

Today even if puyas plant is no longer thriving in the area, the place is still known as Puyas.

This is now the biggest sitio or community of Barangay Milan in the town of Lemery.

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