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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The History Of Zarraga

Zarraga Parish Church

Zarraga Plaza Basketball Court 

Gamot Cogon Waldorf School in Barangay Libongcogon

The town of Zarraga before is a thick forest with the abundance of grasses growing in the area. Tigbao, cogon (Imperata cylindrica) and other grasses are tall and thick. Only the hunters dare to live in the area without any fear. This forest has no name and was said as "no man's land".

This place is formerly a forest but thanks to the pioneers of Pototan that includes Marcelino Penuela, Fulgencio Penuela, Damian Penuela, Eugenio Sollesta and Marcelino Poblador. They discovered and founded the town in 1853.

The town of Zarraga was named after Pedro Zarraga  who became the Alkalde Mayor or City Mayor of Irong-Irong (present-day Iloilo City).

Photo Source:,_Iloilo,_Philippines   - courtesy of Boxxer "jAz" Rose

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