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Friday, April 1, 2016

The Legend Of Tinagong Dagat

Tinagong Dagat or Hidden Sea in English, a mini lake on top of a mountain

Love is so powerful that when it enters the heart of anyone, it can despise everything.

In the town of Lambunao, there loved a young man named Nagong who is mighty, strong, hardworking and kindhearted. Nagong is the pillar of his old parents.

One day, when the young man is going home from a whole day of work when he meets a lady who seems like a goddess in with her beauty. This lady was Agat.

The two creatures seems like they are having an illusion in their first encounter. In that instance, love springs up in their hearts but due to being conservative Agat immediately look down humbly.

The two who harbor pure affection for each other seems being brought closer by heaven. Soon, their hearts became one. The next few days witness of endless joy only to be cut short. One afternoon their sweet conversation was disturbed by violence of Agat's father. The father slapped his daughter and humiliated Nagong. Agat was imprisoned in their own home. Thus is the suffering felt by the lovers.

Until such Nagong thought of passing by the area just to have a glimpse of Agat. In the darkness of the night he was met by the mother of Agat who looks like in distress. She is looking for her daughter who disappeared. Nagong anxiously entered the forest to look for Agat. In the shores of the river of their rendezvous the lovers meet. They were so grateful to God after they meet.

Nagong and Agat decided to leave away from their families. The difficulties of life was bared by the two in the wilderness

However their blissful life together is just short-lived. Agat suffered a serious illness. It seems like the world has stopped for Nagong with the death of Agat. He watched the tomb of his love at all times. Day and night the young man weeps due to overwhelming grief. He was caught by sickness and death. The tears that springs from his eyes miraculously became a river which was the origin of TINAGONG DAGAT which was the burial site of Nagong and Agat. Indeed a great love cannot be faded with time, it will leave an imprint that will remain forever.

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