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Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Origin Of The Fairies Or Tamawo

Tagalog people has created some fairies called diwata or goddesses known as engkantada in haraya; the Ilonggos have what we call tamawo. The following stories was said to be the origin of these supernatural beings.

When Adam and Eve has not yet left the paradise, they were told by God.

"Go forth and never forget my order. Bore just three children and with the birth of the third child, bring them to me so I can baptize them."

Adam and Eve left the paradise and started a new life. However, they momentarily forgot what God had told them about having children. They were very happy with their seven children.

One day while strolling, the couple met God and asked: "Adam and Eve, I've been looking for you and your children for so long, where are they now?

The two was immovable after what they heard. They could not give an explanation to God. They forgot that they should only have three children because they now have seven children.

"Bring to me your three children at the soonest time so I can baptized them." And God left.

The tearful Eve asked Adam, "What will we do now? And continued with a shivering voice, "I'm scared, Adam. We did not obey the orders of God. What will happen to us?"

"Have peace, Eve, we will find ways to keep the truth from God."

The next day, Adam and Eve dressed their first three children to bring to God and hide the four in the wilderness of the forest so God will not see them.

"Where are your other kids? Why are they the only ones you brought to me? Where are the rest of your children? the gentle and soft speaking God asked the couple.

"Our beloved God, we only have three children. Isn't this what you told us?"  the continuing denial of the two.

"Don't lie to me. Where are your four children?" God inquires.

"Señor, nothing else. We only have three children."

"You both lied to me. You have seven children but you only showed me three. If you only brought them all here I could baptized them all. I will baptize the three you showed me but you will no longer see the four you hide. They are alive but you could no longer see them. You can only hear their voices. They will not show to you while the food they will eat will come from you," the final words of God.

 And the four children of Adam and Eve which they kept and hide became the ancestors of the fairies or tamawo. They are around in the surroundings but invisible while they freely observe the people.

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