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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Origin Of Places Names According To G. Loreto Angayen

Ajuy - came from the name of a tree
Alimodian - came from the old local name of the puyas plant thriving and abundant in the area
Badiangan - came from the Badiang (Alocasia Macrorrhizos or the Elephant Ear taro plant) tree
Banate - came from Banate tree
Balasan - came from balas or sand
Batad - came from the batad plant
Concepcion - came from the name of the daughter of the last Spanish garrison commander of the town
Dueñas - named by Father Florencio Martin in remembrance of his beloved hometown in Spain
Estancia - a word which means a ranch of fish in the mountains
Igbaras - from the combined words of ig which means community and baras which means sand - so if combined the name would mean a sandy community.
Nueva Valencia - came from a city in Spain
Pavia - came from the name of a Spanish colonel
San Enrique - came from the name of a saint
San Dionisio - came from the name of a patron saint
San Miguel  - came from the name of an archangel

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