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Monday, April 25, 2016

The Origin Of Tubungan

Bato Sumpit Hidden Falls at Barangay Igtubli

The present day site or sitio of the town and its neighboring places are formerly cogon (Imperata cylindrica) fields and wilderness. The arable land is ideal for farming and pasture. Adventurers and farmers were attracted to go to this place. The first settlers came from Nahapay, a barrio of Guimbal. It was then followed by the settlers who were natives of the towns of Leon, Igbaras and Tigbauan. The natives settled together in Tin-an. Due to the increase of the population, the plan of establishing a town was recommended by one of the farmers named Mangon. The establishment of the town was inaugurated in 1768 in which the leader is Mangon.

The Spanish law during that time states that before a place or community will be considered officially as a town, it should first follow the mandatory rule about population. A lot of people were persuaded and motivated to live in Tubungan in response to the requirement of the law. Thus, the town of Tubungan was born in 1768 from the contribution or "tubong" from its neighboring towns.

The Hiligaynon word "tubong" means contribution or add-on which were usually used in gambling;  an addition to the original bet.

The establishment of the town was made possible from the additional number of settlers from neighboring places to meet the required minimum population before a place will be  officially considered a town. The name "Tubungan" came from the root word "tubong".

Photo Source:,_Iloilo

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