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Friday, April 29, 2016

The Legend Of Sta. Cruz

The Holy Cross in Arevalo District, Iloilo City

If there is an image honored, venerated and consecrated by the elders of Arevalo, it is the Santa Cruz. There are lots of peculiar stories which are mysteriously attractive to narrate about this.

Long time ago, it was said that, there is a mananguete, a person climbing a coconut tree who saw the cross. He observed that the said cross grows bigger everyday. He took the attention of the natives about this. They plan to build a chapel for the cross. According to the elders, the wooden cross never dried up. It's tree is always moistened by the juice or sap that came from the living tree.

According to a statement, this cross was planted or erected by the Spanish missionaries on their first landing in the shores of Panay. The mysterious cross continues to grow. Others believed that the cross emerge from the shores to stop the Mohammedans of the South which frequents the area and  ransack the town in those days.

Whatever is the truth, each story strengthens and fortify the belief of the people in the sacred symbol. The elderly has kept attractive stories about the mysterious cross.

Many years had passed, they said that if the feast of the Holy Cross could not be celebrated properly or appropriately because there is no Queen Helena and King Constantine in the holy procession, the cross could not stand upright strongly no matter how tough is its nailing. In the whole duration of the procession, it moves as if it will fall from the decorated crate. It will only stand strongly if there is a complete colorful pageantry by the next day. According to the rumors, when the town attempted to abandon and forget  the celebration, a deafening thunder and a terrifying line of a lightning hit the place. This continued until the people decided to celebrate the feast of the Holy Cross.

In the celebration where the colorful pageantry or presentation lacks the presence of a king and princesses, a great fire or conflagration mysteriously took place which engulfs several houses while the procession is continuously happening.  

The men and women who were chosen to participate in the procession to portray the characters in the colorful presentation or pageantry could not refuse in the fear that they will meet misfortunes or bad omen. According to the rumors of the elders, if a beautiful young lady dared to refuse to be dressed as Queen Helena or Reyna Elena, she became insane, crazy or mentally ill, sometimes becoming blind some others are crippled. while others met an unfortunate accident.

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