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Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Municipality Of Leganes

Leganes Plaza

Saad Festival Queen of Leganes, Iloilo

The town of Leganes emerges from a small community in 1840 called Sitio Guihaman because of the abundance of wild boar locally called guiham in the area. The first founders of the town gave the name "Valencia" in the place in honor of patron saint, St. Vincent Ferrer of Valencia, a town in Spain. After hearing of this community, Don Isidro A. Brudit, the then Spanish governor of Iloilo ordered in 1856 that the locales should register their town as a pueblo and if not, they will serve the penalty. In accordance with the order, the town was registered as a pueblo in 1858.

However it was not as orderly for everything in a small pueblo or town after its conversion however it was settled by people coming from the neighboring towns of Jaro and Santa Barbara. One of the founders, Don Miguel Valencia seems extremely honored because the community was called Valencia which was his last name. The people petitioned to change the name of the town. To solve the useless conflict, the Spaniards gave the name Leganes to the pueblo, the name of a town in Spain which was relatively unknown.

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