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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Legend Of Maasin

Maasin Dam at Barangay Daja

Tultugan Festival in Maasin uses bamboo as musical instruments and sometimes equipment and tools. Bamboo is abundant in the town of Maasin.

This town took its name from a place they call Pait which is bitter or salty in English.

During the Spanish occupation in this place called Pait, there is a  woman washing clothes when some Spaniards passed by. One of the Spaniards asked the woman in Spanish, "Como se llama es su pueblo?"

Since the Spanish language was not really understood by the woman she assumed that the Spaniard is asking about the water in the river dug out called balon. (*balon is a small or shallow dugout in a river, brook or a stream to produce some water for drinking, cooking, washing clothes and bathing). The woman answered without hesitation, maasin which she wants to specify that the water in the dugout is salty. The Spaniards thought that the name of the place is Maasin. Since then they call the town Maasin.

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