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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Legend Of The Town Of Leon

Saint Catherine of Alexandria Parish Church, Leon, Iloilo

Leon Town Plaza

Bucari Mountain Resorts in Bucari Mountain Ranges - Bucari, Leon, Iloilo

The first name of the town is Camando, taken from the name of the river Camando. This place is near the Sibalom river and every year it caused a lot of damage to the plants in the area and even people's lives were in danger. In 1859, Father Agustin Castro arrived in the place and became the parish priest. After he saw the damages of the overflowing of the river and flooding it caused to the people, he recommended the transfer of the town proper.

In 1862, Gobernadorcillo Joaquin Carbonero and other high officials of the town agreed to the suggestion of Father Castro to transfer the town proper.

In their meeting, they recommended three sitios as the new place for the town. First was Linti-an, the sitio near Gines  and Igkadios about 15 kilometers from the town.  The second mentioned sitio was Hampanga, a sitio near Carolina and Lang-og. This is about six kilometers from the town.  The third is Capan, a sitio which is about three kilometers from the town. In the three sitios mentioned, Capan was chosen as the new area for the town proper. Capan is a vast ricefield owned by Don Placido Capacillo. The place is about an hour to walk before you reach Camando. The date of the transfer of the new town of Camando took place on September 1, 1865.

In the first mass celebrated in a small chapel it was recommended that the new pueblo or municipality shall be named Alexandria, in honor of the town's patron saint, Saint Catherine of Alexandria. However, Father Agustin Castro told that the new pueblo shall be named Leon in honor of his native hometown in Spain.

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