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Thursday, April 14, 2016

The History Of Mina

Before the year 1870, the now Municipality of Mina is formerly called Barrio Montogawe. The name came from a hill which shapes like a face of a man. The rolling hill is situated in the middle of Suague river that flows through the sitio or barrio. Montogawe came from a Spanish word "monte"  which means mountain and "gawe" in the dialect which refers to the face of a man or male individual.

The barrio was established and founded when Captain Antonio Poblacion or popularly called Kapitan Roa leads the group of family who settled in the sitio that was also called Montogawe. The sitio was owned by Captain Patricio Ubalde known as Kapitan Atic. To persuade other families to join them, Kapitan Roa made an offer. Those who will settle in the newly founded barrio will be given a lot to build their house in. Kapitan Atic is ready to bestow the land to the people.

Through a civil decree issued by General La Torre in 1870, the town was established. It was stated in the order the building of a church, convent, town hall and a school.

A case about the claiming of Tolarucan on the part of Janiuay and Pototan is the reason for the change of name of Montogawe.  Kapitan Placido wanted to own Tolarucan, however it was objected by Kapitan Roa. He believed that Barrio Tolarucan is a part of Montogawe. The case was brought in the courts of Manila. Kapitan Roa called the attention of Jaro Bishop in Iloilo about the importance of this issue in church. He explained that if he lose the case, the church is real loser.  The bishop ordered the ten priests to prepare the case. A Spanish lawyer named Mina was hired by the priests to be their representative in the court.

Mina won the trial and Montogawe gained jurisdiction of Tolarucan. It was uncertain and unconfirmed but many said that Mina refused to accept payment for his services. In giving value for this kindness, the town was named Mina in his honor.

Photo Source:,_Iloilo,_Philippines

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