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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Why Is It Called Passi?

Parish of San Guillermo, Passi Church

Passi City Hall

Passi City Public Plaza

Passi Sugar Central

When Legazpi arrived in the islands he sent a troop of soldiers to explore the communities of Panay. Those who were sent ride a banca or outrigger boat called "scista" from Tala-ugis sailed upwards toward Jalaur and Yamonan river. In sitio of Anaig in the shores of Yamonan river is a woman winnowing (nagtatahip - *tahip or nagtatahip is the shaking or movement of object such as rice upward and catching it with a flat basket called bilao or kararao to separate the main object from other foreign particles. it is close but different from panning) her pounded rice. The soldiers asked the woman.

"Como se llama ester lugar?"

The woman said, "Passi" - thinking that the Spaniards wanted to know what she is picking out from her pounded rice. Passi means grains of rice whose skin was not peeled off from the pounded rice. The Spanish soldiers listed "Passi" as the name of the town.

Photo Sources: 
courtesy of Frank Taypen,_Iloilo,_Philippines

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