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Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Legend Of Lambunao

Lambunao Church

Yamato International School

The town of Lambunao is lying in the verdant valley and hills of central Panay which is about 45 kilometers from Iloilo City.  The town of Lambunao is about 119 meters or 390.42 feet above sea level and is rich in music, story and tradition.

There are two narration about the origin of the name Lambunao. It was said that this area is inhabited by an Ati named Lambunao  and the place he settled is called "puro ni Lambunao".

Another story states that when the Spaniards went on a patrol from Laglag came to Sitio Balikatkatan, the foreigners asked a Malayan resident who is fishing in a mini lake about the name of the place. The Malay thought that the Spaniards is asking what he is doing, so he responded in Hiligaynon language saying "nagapanglambu sa linao." The Spaniards only remember the two syllables: lambu and nao, thus the town was baptized with the name Lambunao. The word Lambu means to put a fish hook in the water while Linao is a lake.

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