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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Iloilo Folk Literature


Binukot Princess


Iloilo is a legendary province. Almost all of the towns here has some origins to tell.

The values that were passed through generations left some followers to the creepy rocky surfaces of the forests, mysterious caves, of the conceiving blink of an eye, of the steep mountains, of huge nocturnal birds, of different mythical creatures that were feared and other supernatural phenomenon and creatures unexplained and yet to be discovered and researched by science.

In the depths of our ocean, in the womb of our volcanoes, on the sides and hollow gaps of the rocks of our caves, on the edge of our ridges, on the navel of our mounds or anthills and to the wilderness of our forests and jungles are secrets and mystery left by our yesterday's past that if patiently researched and studied will be great topics for our legendary myth of origins.

One of the things that must be considered are the events for which the myths or legends is a kind of reading that interests the nationalistic spirit of a particular race. Thus the legends or myths are inculcating the minds with preserved and protected wealth of literature of a nation and race most especially the countries of the Far East. In literature of other languages, myths or legends has less significant values; however in our Philippine literature it is considered a branch with its own characteristics since we belong to the countries of the Far East. It should not be forgotten in the minds of whoever will write that a legend or myth is a literary composition that reminisce to the readers the memories of the past.

The legends and myths in any races and in any parts of the world are the first glimmer of thinking and imagination, the spark of senses that invites the people to create dangles of idea which are often a blink of an eye that is confronting our imagination and magnifies to indulge in an omen that cannot contain one's self; thus it is stated through a narration that continuously traversing taking turns in time until it reached the generations of clans of people. Nevertheless, the notion and sentiments of the citizens of any towns can be found in the myths or legends. The jewel of the race that should be inculcated or imprinted in the minds of everyone throughout the years.

The province of Iloilo never runs out of featured myths and legends - myths that straightens the origins of names of different places, municipalities, mythical creatures, plants, mountains and caves. Some of these were exploded with fragrance of subtlety and mystery. Some of them were lightly touched with history and facts. Mysterious or not, symbolic or truthful, these legends are already a part of everyday lives of Ilonggos. The legends that bring entertainment and pleasure, retrospect and omen; myths that continuously attracts our senses and notion. 

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