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Monday, March 7, 2016

Province Of Iloilo Places Of Interests Part 2

Pototan Town Plaza is glaring with full bright colors and lights display during Christmas 

Lambunao Church 

Ajuy Municipal Town Hall 

Nasidman Island, Ajuy, Iloilo 

Tinagong Dagat, Lambunao, Iloilo

Janiuay - 33 kilometers from the city
- The famous Hispano-Filipino cemetery that was built in 1875 out of cut stones and fossils; located atop a hilly ground with three beautiful stairs and an imposing Gothic gate. Its chapel has six windows and two Gothic gates.
- Remains of a beautiful church which bells was made by J.D. Reyna Foundry in the 19th century.

Lambunao - 58. 3 kilometers northwest of Iloilo City.

- largest town in Iloilo in terms of land area

- West Visayas State University College of Agriculture and Forestry

- old church of Lambunao

- Tinagong Dagat (Hidden Sea), a mini lake found at the outskirts of Lambunao near the boundary of Iloilo and Antique and about 73 kilometers from Iloilo City proper. It is about 2000 feet above sea level and surrounded by 40 hectares of hills. This mini lake is rich in marine life like eels, snails, carps and many others.

Calinog - 61.6 kilometers from Iloilo City

- Calinog- Lambunao sugar mill

- Camping grounds for Boy Scouts Provincial Jamboree

- Camp Carreon, a military camp

- the beautiful Calinog was once awarded the Cleanest and Greenest 3rd Class Municipality in the Philippines

- Calinog is home to the Ati's Binukot princess and storytellers of the Hinilawod epic.

Passi - 50 kilometers from Iloilo City
        - became a component city in 1998
        - it is home to the two sugar central mills in Panay: Passi Sugar Central and New Frontier Sugar Central

Dingle - 45 kilometers from Iloilo City
          - church of Dingle made out of yellow sandstone and was built in 1880
          - Camp Pasica, 42 kilometers from the city, situated in three barangays: Pandan, Sinibaan and Calicuang, camping site for Girl Scouts Provincial Jamboree
          - Camp Higher Grounds, about 4 kilometers from Poblacion town center beautiful scenery overlooking Victorias City, Negros Occidental. Some facilities for seminar and convention and training centers for different government agencies and regional offices from the city and from nearby towns.

         - Jalaur River Dam
         - Maestranza cave
         - Moroboro Springs, 42 kilometers from the city, hot springs swimming area, pavilion for guests          

Pototan - 30 kilometers north of Iloilo City
            - known as the Christmas capital of Iloilo because during Christmas it is one wonderland place full of lights, decorations and happy visuals all around the town
            - old Neo-classical cemetery made from yellow and red sandstones
            - vast expanse of plains wherein planting and harvesting is non-stop all throughout the year because of Jalaur Irrigation Systems.

Barotac Nuevo - 31 kilometers from Iloilo City
                      - known as the Football Capital of the Philippines where the legendary football players,
                        coaches, managers, FC presidents came from
                      - church with neoclassic architecture, Roman arches, facade with Ionic columns or pillars, above are square shaped below are Doric columns

Dumangas - 25.9 kilometers north of Iloilo City
                - chief port of Northern Iloilo
                - site of one of the oldest Spanish community in Panay
                - old church built in 1887 made of bricks
                - Lacaran beach in Barangay Ermita, Roca Encantada and Siete Pecados of Guimaras can be seen here on a vantage point 

Barotac Viejo - 60.9 kilometers north of Iloilo City
                    - San Juan beach at Camp Higher Grounds, popular site for camping and religious
                    - Balaring beach in Barangay San Francisco, colorful stones lying on the shores
                    - Nagpana falls near the Ati dwellings and community

Ajuy - 80.6 kilometers from Iloilo City
       - Darangkulan Falls in Sitio Bagongbong, Barangay Balabag - surrounded by trees, boulders,
         located at the foot hills of Mount Manyakiya, the highest summit in town.
       - Sta. Ana Falls, with a small cave
       - Barangay Dangula-an, Camping Hill in the national road fronting the ocean, ideal place for camping
       - Dumingding Cave has a spring located at Sitio Dumingding, Barangay Balabag
       - Nasidman and Calabasa Island, offers a peaceful relaxation and ideal site for fishing, recreation and other sports
       - Buri Point, Barangay Punta Buri, ideal place for swimming day and night

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