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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Barrio Barakang In Guimbal

This barrio is located at the southern part of the present Rizal Street of the town of Guimbal. This is situated west of the church and formerly densely populated during the Spanish occupation.

Long time ago, the town is always the center of frequent Moro raids. One morning of September, the Moro vintas were seen in the shores of Guimbal. The people were then busy for a fiesta celebration. They don't have a time to escape so they were compelled but to confront the enemies. Since they have no preparation in this struggle the people were compelled to fight. In avoiding a certain death or to be a slave of the Moros, the people flocked to the church to ask help from their patron saint, Saint Nicholas Tolentino to help them engage the invaders.

While the Moros with shining cutlass are chasing the natives defending the path towards the church, they were stopped by a giant figure of a beautiful lady with a long hair and a mighty man holding a staff that seems like clearing the path. The Moros were scared and immediately left.  Until now, the name was called "Barakang" which means barrier or barricade.

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