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Friday, March 4, 2016

Iloilo Center of Tourism

Iloilo has a fair share of tourist attraction - beautiful places, historical locations, outstanding arts, culture and architecture, colorful traditions and festive celebrations. Most of all, Iloilo is home to the vibrant, free-spirited, active, happy and welcoming Ilonggos.

The province has a lot of space and accommodations for tourists and travelers. A world class modern airport is available  to welcome guests. One of the safest ports home to some of the sea vessels and commercial shipping boats in the country as well as world class hotels and accommodations.

Iloilo's port of entry is one of the best and safest harbors in the country protected from the harsh elements by the island of Guimaras which provides the most convenient relief and shelter for passenger and commercial ships of different sizes and numbers.

Iloilo River one of the most plied rivers in the country found in the city is the center for transportation, commerce, business, recreation, health and lifestyle.

The province has several miles of sparkling ivory sands waterfront, mountains and verdant hills. The coastlines of Iloilo is incomparable, strands of pearl that runs until the eyes can see. In its shores can be found glorious fishing vessels, colorful sails which became the indispensable source of produce of the fishing industry in the province.

The province answers the call of the needs of the society. It gives time and attention to the things that will feature the country as a place of attraction and entertainment to guests, tourists and visitors alike. Thus the vast potential of the province as an ideal top destination of the country is achievable.

Photo Source:

Jojo Gabinete
NEDA - Region VI

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