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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Province Of Iloilo Places Of Interests Part 1

Pine Ridge Bucari Mountain Resort, Leon, Iloilo

Guimbal Plaza, the most beautiful town plaza in Iloilo

San Joaquin Cemetery

Town Profiles and Places of Interests

San Joaquin - 54 kilometers from Iloilo City; formerly called Siwaragan.

- beautiful beachfronts such as Talisayan, Tara and many other clean coastlines which has some colorful pebbles. The stone "chert" which was excavated from the Nagsipit river and was believed to be around 65 million to 2 billion years old is now under the custody
of the museum.

                 - Siwaragan river, became the landing site of the Malay settlers during the 13th century according to history.

                  - San Joaquin cemetery which was made of coral stones in 1892. The chapel inside is atop of a 20-step staircase which was supported by balustrades.
                  - Church of San Joaquin, this century old mossy church was built with Hispanic-Filipino traditions is one of the town's tourist attractions. This is one of a kind church which features in its facade the historical battle in 1859 of the Spanish Christians against the Moroccan Moors in the Battle of Tetouan. The famed house of worship is made out of brilliant white corals built by Father Tomas Santaren of the Augustinian orders in 1869, about 10 years after that battle. The design of the facade is one of the best examples of
traditional art in Filipino religious architecture. The relief sculpture of the battle has an embossed engraving that labels "Rendicion
d'Tetouan. It shows the cavalry and infantry of the Spanish Christians chasing the defensive Moors in the surrounding towers and date palms. The soldiers were engraved in a creative perspective to create an illusion of depth. The carving is spread in a mosaic of squared blocks of corals. The blocks were first carved before it was transferred. The sculpture is so complex that even the picture or expression of torment by the injured soldiers was showcased and the original colors of yellow, blue and red remained in the stones without fading with time.

Miag-ao - about 47.7 kilometers from the southwest of Iloilo City
            - University of the Philippines Visayas is a campus that occupies 1000 hectares of land.

            - Miag-ao Church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site post card worthy church built in 1787 through forced labor under the supervision of Augustinian friar, Francisco Gonzales and Spanish gobernadorcillo Domingo Libo-on. A native from Igbaras named Matias is said to be the foreman who supervised the early construction of the church until he was replaced by a certain Aquino, a native from Alimodian, according to the church historical records. Notice the uneven, non-symmetrical twin towers of the church. The beautiful facade features a bas relief sculpture of Saint Christopher in the middle of native plants like papaya and holding the coconut tree while carrying the child Jesus on his back. The church was declared a historical site by the Philippines Historical Committee in 1953 and was given a national historical marker through a Presidential Decree No. 260 which was released on August 1, 1973 by President Ferdinand E. Marcos. 

              - the town is also one of the cleanest, greenest, orderly and tidy town in the whole Philippines.

              - the recently discovered rice terraces of Miag-ao

Igbaras - 44.3 kilometers from the city
            - Mount Napulak 60 kilometers from the city. The thick forest is still untouched bounty with wild animals.

            - Nadsadjan Falls, 39 kilometers southwest of Iloilo City; drops water at 50 feet down below that serves like a giant pot of  swimming pool.

Guimbal - 32.1 kilometers from the city of Iloilo.
             - home to some of the sweetest mangoes in the world aside from Guimaras.
             - Garin  Racsos Farm, is a mini zoo and botanical garden owned by the Garin family for enthusiasts to enjoy. It features different kinds of animals domesticated, wild and foreign species as well as different kinds of plants.

             - Virginia bridge built during the American colonial period. This was made possible by the order of United States President Theodore Roosevelt. The bridge which was about a half kilometer in span is considered the longest bridge in Panay. It is made of steel imported from United States.

              - beautiful beachfront with Shamrock and Bantayan are just some of the beach resorts in the area.

              - Bantayan watchtowers located in Barangay Pescadores built during the Spanish colonial period that serves as a watchtower and first line of defense against the Muslim pirates.

             - old church of Guimbal which is yellow in color and made of adobe bricks. It was built by Father Campos and cemetery built by Father Agustin Llorente.

             - beautiful plaza of Guimbal, one of the most beautiful and cleanest in the province. It has so many flowers and plants and people spent their past time here most especially at dawn.

Tigbauan - 35.3 kilometers from the city of Iloilo
                - it was here that Father Pedro Chirino, the great Spanish chronicler, built the first Jesuit school for boys in 1592.
                - Baroque church of Tigbauan

                - Liberation of Panay historical marker to commemorate the liberation of Panay and Romblon by the American forces in the hands of the Japanese Imperial Forces to signal the end of World War II in 1945.

                - SEAFDEC (Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center) - the main center for fishery studies in Southeast Asia

Oton      - 16.1 kilometer from the city

              - People's Ampitheater, is a beautiful park for recreation and cultural performances

              - Plaza and children's playground

              - murals that depicts significant events in the history of the country.

Pavia  - about 10 kilometer north of the city
           - Santa Monica church, the red brick Romanesque - Byzantine church built by the Augustinian friar, Antonio Fermentino from 1864 - 1888 and completed by Father Lazaro Ramirez. Decorated with two Greek cross in front of the church. There is an apse at the back wall. The church served as the garrison of the Japanese imperial forces during World War II. During the liberation battle, the American military tank caused some holes at the facade of the church.

Santa Barbara - 19.9 kilometers north of Iloilo City

                        - Sta. Barbara church, historical church in Neo-classic art style. It was on this church that General Martin Delgado of the Visayan Revolutionary government convened the junta that initiated the first cry of the revolution against Spain in the Visayas.

                        - Sta. Barbara Golf and Country Club - 18-hole, 37 hectares golf course which was the oldest golf course in Southeast Asia. Established in 1907 and opened to public in 1913.

                        - Cadagmayan Norte Camp, 65 hectares site for camping, verdant hills

                        - Sta. Barbara Heights, a mixed-use master-planned development project of Megaworld corporation. A township project it will see the rise of office buildings, condominiums, retail shops, dining, residential lots and other forms of recreation.

Cabatuan - 24 kilometers from Iloilo City

                - old Neo-classic church built in 1880. All sides of the church has beautiful facade. The main facade is adorned with papal crown supported with the symbol of the Augustinians a pierced heart with a bishop's hat surrounded by cords.

Leon        - 28 kilometers from the city.
                - St. Alexandria church, remains of a Romanesque church which was formerly known as largest temple of worship in the region

                - Bucari Mountain Range and Pineridge Forest, known as the Vegetable Garden of Iloilo and Summer Capital of Iloilo. It is a popular destination for nature loves and tourists                             because of its cool climate, beautiful scenery and attractive pine trees.            

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