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Monday, March 21, 2016

The Legend Of The Town Of Dingle

Dingle Town Welcome Sign 

Memorial to the Cry of Lincud Heroes 

Dingle Church 

Long time ago, Dingle is not yet known by the people since it has no name. One day, a Spaniard came to this place. The Spaniard saw some beautiful maiden taking some bath at the river. During the early days, there were no soap so the ladies used some sticky clay to clean their long hair. The Spaniard went to a lady and ask the name of the place. The lady thought the Spaniard ask what she feels when using the sticky mud as cleansing agent, she immediately responded "Maingle." The Spaniard just nod and nod and continued with his journey. While the horse is running, the Spaniard forgot a little the words the lady spoken to him so when someone asked where did he came from, he responded "Dingle" instead of "Maingle." Since then they call the town Dingle.

According to former Mayor Cipriano Montero of Dingle and Reverend Father Felipe Potente, in an old legend, the name Dingle came from the stones that were commonly called in the Visayas as "Tampi" or "Dalipe." The stone is mahingle or hard. The hard (mahingle) stone is found in the northern part of the poblacion or town center which serves as a natural dike to prevent from continued flowing in the shores caused by the flooding in Jalaur river.

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