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Monday, March 14, 2016

The Origin of Anilao

Just like the other coastal towns near the shores of Panay Island, Anilao was founded by a group of fishermen during the Spanish occupation. The former site where the town is situated is near the mouth of the western shore of the Anilao river where the name of the town got its name. The thick woods surrounding the mouth of the river serves as shelter to fishermen's boats during the storm.

Another version is this. During the early days, the place is plenty of Anilao tree. The place was called Anilao taken from the Anilao trees.

There is another legend. The word Anilao came from a lamp that serves as a light to the natives on top of the mountain watching over Moros who were attacking the areas then. During those days, the pirates frequented the area. The natives built a stone watch tower near the shore. A person on the watch tower is guarding if there are some pirates who are coming to warn the people. Since then, if there are pirates coming, they will just shout "Ilaw" or Lamp and people will run immediately carrying lamps. To the pirates they heard Anilao. Thus they called the area Anilao thinking this was the name of place they visited.

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