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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Province Of Iloilo Places Of Interests Part 3

Agho Island, Concepcion, Iloilo

Bulubadiangan Sandbar, Concepcion, Iloilo

The most iconic travel photo nowadays and most frequented place in Iloilo - Isla de Gigantes, Carles, Iloilo

Sicogon Island, Concepcion, Iloilo

Bato Dungok, Alimodian, Iloilo

Sara - 90 kilometers from Iloilo City
       - beautiful town plaza
       - San Juan falls 100 feet in height
       - Ardemil valley in Barangay Ardemil, beautiful valley on top of a mountain; a beautiful farm panorama, trees, hills and mountains most especially during dusk or dawn.

Estancia - 135 kilometers from Iloilo City
             - known as the Alaska of the Philippines because of its tonnes of seafood produce
             - nicknamed Jewel of the North by some writers.
             - known as the fishing industry capital of central Philippines

Carles - 139 kilometers from Iloilo City
          - northernmost tip of Iloilo province
          - Isla de Gigantes the ever popular tourist destination in Iloilo consists of several different isles. It is in one of these islands where a cave is used to be a burial sites in the 15th century. One cave has elephant like stones and area for swimming. One of the most iconic and most photographed islands in social media nowadays.
          - Sicogon Islands another white sand beach competition to Isla de Gigantes being developed by Ayala Land, Inc. to become a world class tourist destination. Location of the 1974 Celso Ad Castillo's film "Ang Pinakamagandang Hayop Sa Balat Ng Lupa" starring Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz.
          - Balbagon, island with palm fringes, white sand beach near Gigantes
          - Molupulo or Seagulls Point near Sicogon Island, thousands of seagulls flock to the island to escape winter from its natural habitat

Alimodian - 24 kilometers from Iloilo City
               - The beautiful poblacion town center was once awarded as the most beautiful town center in the Philippines

               - Agony Hill, a popular destination for pilgrims and devotees all over Western Visayas during Holy Week for the Stations of the Cross as it resembles the Calvary.

               - Bundolan Shrine located at the summit of Bundolan hill. People pray the rosary here morning or afternoon and every first Friday and Saturday of the month.

               - old church of Alimodian, built in 1787 by the Augustinian friars and partially damaged during the earthquake of 1948 and was beautifully improved in recent years.

              - Seven Cities, of Alimodian composed the seven barangays or villages located in the upland hinterlands of the town of Alimodian and is linked to the Bucari mountain ranges of Leon. It is composed of the barangays Cabacanan (Proper and Rizal), Dao, Lico, Manasa, Tabug, Tarug and Umingan. It is called the "Little Baguio of Iloilo" because of its cool climate. They produce high yielding crops such as cauliflower, carrots, broccoli and even 
strawberries. It is also known for its lush vegetation, thick jungle forest, diverse wildlife and plants such as wild berries and fruits, caves, steep cliffs and boulders, waterfalls and rice terraces. It needs revitalization and that it is hoped that it would be turned into a mountain resort and a botanical park and garden producing more flowers and orchards.

Concepcion -  96 kilometers from Iloilo City
                 - Azucar Island, has a beautifully shaped mountain like a volcano that always been passed by the clouds or looks like having a hat. This island serves as an indicator of the weather by the people because they look here if they want to go to the sea to fish or go to the town proper.
                 - has the breath taking Agho island and the popular Bulubadiangan sand bar and has a huge potential to be a world class destination.

Maasin - 27 kilometers from Iloilo City

           - Maasin watershed provides the source for drinking water in Iloilo City and for the most parts of central and southern Iloilo

           - bamboo and other wood crafts 
           - Tultugan Festival annual celebration in dances and merrymaking showing the bamboo crafts industry in the town

San Rafael - 71.5 kilometers from Iloilo City

                - Mount Lolo in Barangay Aripdip, ideal hunting ground due to plenty of wild animals, boars, monkeys, deer and mountain chicken.

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