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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Town Of Janiuay

Janiuay is located at the central part of Iloilo province. It is surrounded by four towns - Cabatuan, Maasin, Mina and Lambunao. It has a distance of 32 kilometers from Iloilo City.

It was said that the name of the town was taken from the name of the ruling son of a datu, Han and "oway", tambo or "rattan" in English which is abundant in the area. The name of the place became Janiuay. There are some who believe that the name of this place came from the local word "hani" which means whisper, and "oway" combined and gives the equivalent of a whisper in the wilderness of tambo or rattan. Today's youth gives a new homophone term to their place by writing: "Honey, why?"

Photo Source: taken from Life Magazine

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