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Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Origin Of The Name Carles

The town of Carles is the last town of the fifth district and the northernmost town of Iloilo, about 139 kilometers from Iloilo City. In accordance with the provision on the Executive Order No. 90 issued by Governor - General Francis Burton Harrison, the town of Carles separates from the town of Balasan on the first day of January, 1920. Carles is made of different islands of which the biggest were: Gigante Norte, Gigante Sur, Sicogon and Talun-an. There are two lighthouse in the town: one in Gigante Norte and the other one is in the rocky isle of Manigonigo. The town of Carles is separated by Jintotolo Channel, in the south by the towns of Balasan and Estancia and in the west by the town of Pilar in Capiz province.

The former names of the town were Punta Bulakawe and Badiang. The name Carles was used in honor of the Spanish Governor of Iloilo Province, Jose Maria Carles after he granted the petition of the people of Carles to make it as an independent town.

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