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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Emergence Of An Island In Guimaras

The island of Guimaras which was sighted by the eyes of Dr. Jose Rizal whose name was taken from the name of a girl, Guia, the princess daughter of a far-away datu; and to the name of the son of a slave - Mara. The two, Guia and Mara are of the same age and secretly in love with each other. However Guia is betrothed to marry to a prince of Sugbu and the choice of her father cannot be refused by the princess because her refusal will put the kingdom in danger.  The wedding day of the princess. It is laden with intense sadness because the sighs of her heart is for her boyfriend - Mara. In that breath taking moment the power of love has spoken. All of a sudden Mara grabbed Guia and both of them jumped off the cliff in the heart of the sea. Eventually, in the place where they fell came the emergence of an island - the island of Guimaras.

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