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Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Pleasant Place Of Buenavista

With the arrival of the Spaniards in the island, they walked for quite sometime. They went up to the mountains to search for a resting place. They never expected to reach a hill and spent the night there. When the morning comes, the Spaniards decided when they saw a crystal clear ocean dressed by the rays of the sun, the verdant trees, and the white mountain that attracts swimming by the admiring eyes, that the place is ideal for pleasurable relaxation. The day when they have to leave the place, they wanted to name the place. They united in baptizing the place Buenavista which means "pleasurable view."

The following has a resemblance to the origin of the place.

Long time ago, Buenavista is called Tilad. How Tilad was replaced with Buenavista is just by chance only. Someone said that a Spanish governor of Iloilo came to the place because he attended the election of the first gobernadorcillo. When he reached the town center (called Poblacion), he saw a beautiful view from where he stands. He uttered "Buena Vista" or Good View in English. Since then Buenavista replaced the name Tilad.

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