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Friday, March 11, 2016

The Origin Of Visayan Islands

This legend is not only prevalent in Cabatuan, Lambunao and Maasin but in the entire Visayas. Even the students in schools are very enthusiastic to tell the legend of a powerful queen that lives in a place that consists of the islands of the Visayas.

The name of the queen is Langit (Heaven) and her beautiful daughter named Kabugwason (Morning Star). Of all the many suitors who pay homage to the lovely maiden, two were heavily favored: Dagoob (Thunder) and Kilat (Lightning). The queen outlined a plan for the two brothers to create two artful rafts and the one who created a more superior and artful raft will get to marry Kabugwason. Kilat created the most artistic raft so the queen handed him Kabugwason. This event proved hurtful to Dagoob that he committed suicide. The next day there's a turmoil because the spirit of Dagoob destroyed and crushed the raft of Kilat. The pieces were separated in a big area. According to the myth of the islands of the Visayas, included in the small peninsulas were the pieces or remains of the destroyed raft in a violent rage of the unfortunate brother. 

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