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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Folk Dances

The Philippines is rich in the materials on native dances. For the Filipinos which is a race who has a deep appreciation for music, the singing and dancing almost consist their entertainment. The people expresses their thoughts through rhythmic movements of the folk dances. Though a lot of the folk dances of the Philippines possesses a ritual attributes there are also beautiful differences related to activities, courtship, for fiesta celebrations and war dances that gives color to a culturally-rich Filipinos, customs, practices and tradition.

There are dances for different occasions. The love is expressed far so in general, the native dances is done relatively small or no such closeness or nearness. The men who are dancing has hankies or the ladies has fans as substitutes to their hands that cannot be held by anyone or the hold-me-not hands.

The Ilonggos are proud of its native dances just like in the succeeding article.

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