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Friday, July 22, 2016

Folk Dances - Folk Dance Number 2

Folk Dance No. 2


This is a dance about courtship in different places in the Philippines most especially to the Tagalogs and Visayans. The word "balitaw" is coined from a combined two Tagalog words, "balita raw". Balita is Tagalog for news and "raw" is Filipino for "it is said" or "rumored". The balita raw consequently means a rumor or it is rumored. 

In the interpretation or version in the Visayas, the dancers are singing however among the Tagalogs the dancers are not singing. It is shown by the dancers through action the courtship, the flower is used as an expression of their feelings. The giving wholeheartedly of the flower by the lady to the young man symbolizes his acceptance of the young man as a suitor.  There is a folk song included in the balitaw music however the words or lyrics has no connection with the dance.

COSTUME: The girl wears a balintawak while the boy wears barong tagalog and white trousers or pants. There is a rose or any kinds of flower pinned to the camisa of the girl.


Inday, Inday sa Balitaw 
Kahoy nakahapay,
Sandok nakasuksok
Palayok nakataob.
Siyansi nabaluktot
Sinigang na matabang
Kulang sa sampalok.

Inday, Inday sa Balintang
Batang nabalian
Kahoy na sariwa 
Saging na nilaga
Kinuha sa lungga
Binabad sa suka
Gamot sa sikmura.

English Translation

Inday, Inday in the Balitaw
Wood bent low, inclined or flattened to the ground
Ladle worn 
Pot overturned.
Food turner or spatula bent
Bland or tasteless Sinigang stew 
Lacking of Tamarind. (as a sour base)

Inday, Inday sa Balintang
Fractured child
Fresh logs or wood
Hard boiled bananas
Taken from the burrows
Soaked in vinegar 
Medicine for stomach.

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