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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Superstitions, Beliefs and Customs X

About Anting-anting or Amulet, Charms, Potion and Unusual Power or Strength:

1. People who are living near the sea are usually believing in anting-anting or amulets.

2. On the midnight of Good Friday of a Holy Week, the people are doing all the way to get a piece of the cloth,  hair or any objects used in Santo Entierro. This is mixed with other ingredients and fumigate the nets or fish hooks.

3. For the babaylan and albularyo, the Good Friday is the busiest day because they go to the caves and mountains to get some herbal or medicinal roots or tubers and the skin of the trees or wood. It was believed that these plants were effective.

4. Every Good Friday, the siruhano (Spanish word equivalent is cirujano) or albularyo goes inside the cave to search for anting-anting or amulets.

5. There is a belief in the mountains that if a deer with only one horn called “Ibarra” was killed,  and if a person was stricken with hunger he or she can eat any roots or root crops because Ibarra is considered effective antidote to poison.

6. If one has shot a monkey and is about to die, hold tight both the monkey’s hands. Stomp or step on its mouth so it can no longer bite. In this way, the tari (the ability to sense or see any danger) of the monkey will be transferred to you.

About Gambling and Cockfighting:

1. While walking on the street or road and saw a steel or metal part of the shoe, this is a lucky or fortunate sign when you gamble you will surely win.

2. Any objects that are twins should be put inside the clothes pocket to win in a gambling, or betting.

3. If you are standing and a lizard suddenly jump into your pocket, it is presumed that this is an omen of a good fortune in gambling or betting.

4. For the people who plans to cockfight, they should always sense or feel their roosters.  If its crows alone, it means it will win in the cockfight.

5. All people in the house agrees, wants and at their will for the person who will have a cockfight so that the win would easy and conveniently light.

6. If the rooster crows for seven times at around 9 o’clock or 10 o’clock in the evening and it was not resonated by other roosters, this is a sign that the rooster will be the king of the arena.

7. At night when the rooster is bending its head to reach out from the outside its food in the throat (storage area of the food), it foretells winning in the cockfight.

8. If the rooster is also not sleeping at night, there is a big chance that this rooster will win in the cockfight.

9. A person going to the cockpit arena who has stepped on human or animal feces will surely lose in the betting or cockfighting.

10. A person postpones his going to a cockpit arena when he meets or chance upon a funeral procession because he will only lose in the game for sure. The omen pulls a bad luck.

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