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Friday, July 8, 2016

Superstitions, Beliefs and Customs XIII

About Different Kinds of Beliefs:

1. The howling of the dog at night indicate the evil spirits wandering around. Responding to their strange call at night means death to someone who answered back.

2. About clothing and garments, it's a belief and practice that the new dress is worn first for the church before anything else or before any other occasion so that it will last.

3. If Friday falls on the 13th day of the month many accidents or disaster might happen.

4. Sitting on a mortar hampers or slows down growth.

5. The lending of money, rice and salt to the neighbors after 5 o'clock in the afternoon will hamper or stop the prosperity of the owner's residence or household. The lending of money, rice or salt at night is not good because bad luck will happen to you or you will not get paid immediately or they will permanently forget their debt.

6. A lady who is on her menstruation period should not pick up fruits.

7. If a child has a mole on its face under his or her eyes, and in the tear's path, a tragedy will come on his or her life or if not, he or she can easily get widowed if they will marry.

8. It was believed that some animals, circumstances, situations, objects in having luck or fortune and bad luck or misfortune.

9. Seven years of bad luck will befell a person who breaks a glass or glass objects.

10. If someone killed a cat, one will put in a situation full of bad luck for seven years.

11. The number 13 is still considered as the number to be avoided.

12. Whoever among the 13 people partaking in a meal in a table or taking a picture will face death or misfortune or mishap.

13. The beautiful or fortunate fate is present and coming in the form of horseshoe, coins and talisman owned by the people.

14. The entry of a snake in a house is a sign of rainfall of riches and fortune to the family.

15. Never winnow some rice outside the window because the spirit of the rice will fly.

16. In order to be lucky the whole day, wear first the shoe on the right foot.

17. It was considered to be lucky the cramps on the right ankle while it's bad luck if the cramp is on the left ankle.

18. Picking up a horseshoe is being considered as a good fortune. Put it on the stairs of the house.

19. The dreams often means the exact opposite of it.

20. If a person dreams of a huge fortune, he will become poorer.

21. However, the dreams in the first hours of the morning is believed to come true.

22. If a man dreams of his girlfriend, he just needs to reverse or flip turn his pillow so that his girlfriend will also dream about him.

23. If someone dreams of many birds, it means the coming of many friends and of good fortune. If the bird in your dream is captured or caught, it means you are about to marry. However if the bird in your dream was shot, someone will betray or is being unfaithful to you.

24. If a person will give a piece of ginger to someone, he or she should NOT hand it over directly through their hands to someone. The ginger should be put to any surface objects (eg. tables, chair, bed, stand etc.) by the giver and from there, the receiver or recipient will get it else the recipient will have an intense stomachache. Ilonggos call it as "usog" or "osog". For the remedy of the illness, the giver of the ginger is called and he should touched the victim / recipient stomach to get rid of the pain. It is unbelievably strange that by touching the stomach could relieve pain. It is a reminder for someone handing over a ginger not to pass it directly to avoid this malady.

25. The cooked calabaza or big winter squash with chicken is usually blamed for or the main culprit cause of the leprosy for those who eat it.

26. In passing by the dwarf's mound or punso in Tagalog or in Hiligaynon it is called "bungyod",  one should make an excuse to the supernatural beings by saying "tabi-tabi" so you will not contracted by a strange illness. The bungyod or dwarf's mound is treated with respect or care not disturbing or stepping on it.

27. Never express any statement or gesture of surprise or wonder to any properties of the tamawos or fairies and diwata or deities and you might encounter some misfortune or mishap for those who mention or who took notice of it.

28. The balete tree is the dwellings of the tamawo or fairy. Getting close to it or cutting it would cause a mishap or disaster or even death. Balete is called Lunok in Hiligaynon. The same goes with the Terminalia Catappa or Indian Almond tree, Bubog tree or Sterculia foetida tree or wild almond or bastard poon tree in English and Dapdap or Erythrina Variegata or Eythrina Orientalis tree were believed to be inhabited by the tamawo or fairies.

29. If a farmer has done kaingin or the slash and burn farming and one of its child got sick, the family presumed that the house or dwellings of the tamawo or fairy was destroyed, ruined or badly damaged that's why they take some revenge by inflicting some illness or sickness to a member or members of the family.

30. Taking a bath is avoided every first Friday of the month or cutting the nails every Tuesday or Friday. Taking a bath or cutting the nails on this day is calling for sickness or illness.

31. The children were not allowed by the elders to take a bath on the feast day of Saint Lazarus in the fear of being contracted by leprosy.

32. If a person is wounded and it bleeds profusely, presently the water level in the ocean or sea is high.

33. If a person bit his own tongue, it means that the person is being talked about by other people or being gossiped by other people.

34. The elders avoid sitting in a chopping board (sangkalan in Tagalog and tapalan in Hiligaynon) or else they will be blamed for anything or will be held liable to anything even those they did not commit in the house.

35. In celebrating a fiesta in the house, never forget to drop to the floor a piece of the cooked dish before it will be served. In this way, any disaster or mishap is avoided.

36. If someone is eating and the spoon has dropped or fell, it means that you will have a female visitor or guest and if a fork has fallen or dropped, you will have a male visitor or guest.

37. Other people are called by the name of a fish which possesses the following traits, characteristics or attributes:

pantat (eel) - name of a lady who has an ugly face;
sureb (Yellow Tail Fusilier Fish) - greedy
bilong-bilong (Moonfish) - white
tamasok - filthy looking 
laway-laway - talkative 
bangrus (milkfish) - beautiful and nice


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