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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Folk Dances - Folk Dance Number 6

Folk Dance No. 6

The first version is shown on the link below. The owner of the video disabled embedding of the video on other sites but you can watch it on the link below:

Kuradang Folk Dance -


The Kuradang is an upbeat dance from Tuburan, Pototan, Iloilo. The people in this barrio are lighthearted and has an intense passion for singing and dancing. The social gathering is not complete without dancing. One of the dance performed during the fiesta or a celebration is the Kuradang. The name of the dance was probably taken from the word "Kudangdang" which means posh, extravagant, lavish or luxuriously epicurean. 

COSTUME. The girl is wearing a camisa or a kimona with a soft panuelo on its shoulder. The boy is wearing a barong tagalog and colorful trousers. The dancers are all barefooted. 

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